Welcome to the main committees page of our website!

This upcoming school year, our department heads, USG of Simulations Michael Lawlor and PGA Gordon Young, will be working hard to make sure we build our committees on the foundations of education and skill development. We are excited to announce MUNI XXIV’s committees within the coming months.

If you have any questions or concerns about committees at all, you can contact USG of Registration Vibha Pandaurngi at You can also contact Mike or Gordon, their email address can be found on their respective pages.

Be sure to like our Facebook Page Model United Nations at the University of Illinois to stay informed on our committee plans. Our posts in the coming months will be focusing in on interviews with directors (in which they will give special tips about how to do well in their committee) along with other committee related content like an early reveal of our Ad-Hoc committee! If your delegates ever need a quick way to get in contact with us, they can always message us through our FB page as well!

Peggy Kern
Secretary-General | MUNI XXIIV

Committee Updates, Goals, and Policies

Here at MUNI, as stated on our Who We Are page, we strive to provide delegates with the most memorable and beneficial experience that a MUN conference can offer. Our committee staff go above and beyond accomplishing this goal year after year through rigorous training, expertise, and a focus on education and skill development. This is compounded by offering a diverse range of dynamic committees set in historical, present day, and near future time periods in theaters across the world at differing levels of society, the private sector, and government. Every year, our committee staff offers up new subject areas often based in their majors and passions. Whether its science, business, politics, war, nation building, utopian/dystopian societies, colonization, revolution, etc., every delegate is sure to find something for them due to the training and diversity — both in background and education — of our most valuable asset: our staff.

We have many new things to offer delegates this year to make sure they get the most out of their time preparing for and attending MUNI. This includes implementing a new education and skill development debrief in every committee between staff and delegates as well as a formal online delegate feedback system. Check back on this page in the coming weeks for new updates!

Important Dates and Deadlines

Additional dates and deadlines will be posted throughout the academic year.

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