Return of the Knights: The Court of Camelot


It is the 5th century and King Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon, has just claimed the throne of Camelot… and the entire kingdom of Britain. The country is scrambling to repair itself after the Saxon invasion, unsure on who can be trusted to lead them. As confusion rises in the kingdom, so does Arthur’s grasp on the throne and out of necessity, the Knights of the Round Table are born. The Knights are tasked with bringing peace to the land and informing Arthur of any unrest within the country. However, all is not well within the Round Table. Treachery and distrust run amok, causing tensions to run high and fast. With deceit threaded through the Round Table, and a rising power coming from the North in the guise of Arthur’s half-sister Morgan le Fay and her son Mordred it is impossible to know if King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table will survive through their greatest adventure yet.

Crisis Director: Jemima Elsherbini

My name is Jemima Elsherbini, I’m currently a junior at UIUC and the director of this committee. For all of you chosen to be on this committee, welcome to 5th century Britain – arguably the best era of Britain. As a crisis delegate myself, I tried my best to bring in the best elements of crisis to this committee and make it as fun and educational for you as possible. Before entering the committee or throwing yourself knee-deep in research please know I have not based or written any of this committee on any tv show or movie. So, please do not do any research through these mediums. Any connection to any existing Arthurian fictional works is completely accidental so please do not come to committee spouting Merlin facts or quoting Monty Python.


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