Everybody Hates Athens: The Peloponnesian War


The Peloponnesian War is a stand-out period of Grecian history in which Sparta and Athens battled one another bringing an end to the Athenian Empire. The second and last part of the war lasted for 27 years. 50 years prior to the war, Athens went from being a small collective of city-states to an empire controlling most of Greece and many surrounding territories. Its large growth brought with it great prosperity for Athens, but also brought along resentment from those it conquered. This resentment reached a tipping point in 431 BC and broke out in war. Athens was a unique empire that was the first and only true democracy the world has ever seen with each citizen getting to vote on matters of the state and run for office. With their powerful navy and expansive trade routes, they flourished in the Mediterranean. Now, will they continue their rule and spread further, or be destroyed by enemies of their past and the Spartans?

Crisis Director: Daniel Clark

My name is Daniel Clark and I am excited to run through the Peloponnesian War and see what you all can do as Ancient Grecians. In almost every crisis committee people represent important historical figures that all have wide arrays of powers and connections. I wanted to do something different and explore what might happen in a committee where everyone represents average, everyday folks. The perfect place to explore this was Ancient Athens where, with their true democracy, everyone had an equal say in what the government did. As everyday people you’ll be able to watch in awe as famous generals, philosophers, and government leaders do important things and you’ll have the opportunity to support them or absolutely go against them and support your own wishes.

Email: dannylclark14@gmail.com

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