Transatlantic Turmoil: NATO


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was organized in 1949 as a way to unite the Western world against the growing threat of Communism in the East. Since the end of the Cold War though NATO faces many new, and some familiar, challenges that it has to handle. It is now 2019. Russia is beginning to become more aggressive with its neighbors, Atlanticism is beginning to wavier, and NATO’s military presence in Afghanistan can’t last forever. Will NATO continue to protect the interests of the West or will it fall apart as some believe with the resurgence of nationalism? It is up to the member states to try and keep their organization together while making sure not to start a war in the process

Crisis Director: Ethan Kuruc

Hey, my name is Ethan Kuruc and I will be the managing NATO for MUNI this year. I am a Sophomore and have a variety of academic interests--reflected by my seven years of Model UN and my major in Molecular and Cell Biology. I have extensive experience in Model UN, which includes helping run MUNI, CIMUN, and traveling across the country to compete. I also devote my time to tutoring at the University, volunteering, and creating yet another Spotify playlist


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