Shattered Empire: The Imperial Court of Emperor Honorius


The year is 404 AD. After a series of uprisings aimed at challenging his authority, Emperor Honorius triumphantly returns to Rome with his trusted general Stilicho at his side. The masses of Rome fill into the Colosseum to celebrate their Emperor and to relish in the festivities. However, The perils plaguing the Western Roman Empire have only momentarily been halted. As such, the imperial court of Emperor Honorius has been uniquely tasked with solving these problems while their emperor indulges in his pleasures. If they cannot find the necessary solutions to halt the downward trajectory of the Western Roman Empire, a fire will rise from Rome that will extinguish centuries of culture and tradition, symbolizing the end of an empire which once ruled the world.

Crisis Director: Joel Giamalva

My name is Joel Giamalva, I am a junior studying Political Science and Communication, and I will be the crisis director for this committee which covers the final years of the Western Roman Empire. My high school did not have a Model United Nations club, but I joined this student organization my freshman year of college and it has been an honor working with some of the best and brightest this university has to offer. One of my favorite things about crisis committees is how much of the process is guided by the actions and decisions of the delegates. The last two years I worked on other crisis committees centered around choosing the location of the FIFA World Cup and a civil war in feudal Japan. This will be my first time acting as a director of a crisis committee and I am very excited to work with my staff to make these few days education, fun, and memorable for all of you


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