General Assembly/Crisis-GA Committees

Letter from the President of the General Assembly

This year at MUNI, our vision for the General Assembly committees is to have them cover topics that are relevant to our world today and can give the delegates insights into the issues in a way that no other experience can. Since my Freshman year of high school, I have participated in Model UN and it has been an experience unlike any other. From representing a broad range of nations to covering a unique spread of topics at conferences around the world, I was able to learn things that were beyond the reach of the average high school student. My own Model UN experience has inspired me to transform the committees at MUNI this year such that every delegate walks away from committee with the same sense of knowledge gained. From the General Assembly, our vision is to have delegates focus and obtain the following goals:

  • Gain a new unique sense of relevant world issues from a truly immersive experience
  • Be able to view these issues from a unique perspective
  • Learn what must be done in order to solve them

Our other goal this year for our committees in general is to help all the delegates develop skills, that not only will help them in future conferences, but will help them succeed at other things in life. We ensure this by only choosing our best and brightest members to help design and lead the committees and help the delegates along the way such that every delegate, regardless of them winning an award or not, walks away from the conference on Sunday having left their comfort zone and put a new set of skills to the test. Our vision is to have every delegate develop in the following ways:

  • Gain confidence and skill in professional speaking
  • Develop writing skills that will be put to the test in committee
  • Learn how to implement these skills in order to bring about success

For anyone who is interested in more information on the General Assembly this year or Model UN at Illinois in general, feel free to email me at

Andrew Prozorovsky
President of the General Assembly


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