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Peggy Kern – Secretary-General
I am a junior at the University of Illinois majoring in English Literature with minors in East Asian Languages & Cultures and History. After my undergraduate career I plan on attending law school in the Bay Area and eventually pursue a career in Corporate law, International law, or Intellectual Property law. This year I am ecstatic to be given the opportunity to serve as Secretary-General. This is a position I knew I wanted to do since MUNI XXII, where I served as the Undersecretary General of Merchandising and Public Relations. Last year for MUNI XXIII I served as the Deputy Secretary-General. Besides MUN, I am also a flute player for one of UIUC’s concert bands, Vice President of the Pre-Law Honors Society, and Clerk of the Illinois Student Government Judiciary.

Vibha Pandurangi – Under-Secretary-General of Registration
Hi! My name is Vibha Pandurangi and I will be serving as the USG of Registration for MUNI XXIV. I’m a junior here at University of Illinois, studying Computer Science. This is my sixth year doing Model UN, my third year on MUNI staff, and my first time on secretariat. I’ve been to MUNI as a delegate three times, and it was always one of my favorite conferences so I hope to make this experience as engaging and enjoyable as it was for me through my years as a delegate here. Outside of Model UN, I am a member of Engineering EXPO, Theta Tau, and the Society of Women Engineers. I can be probably be found eating a burrito bowl at Chipotle or on the fourth floor of Grainger Library. If you have any questions about MUNI or University of Illinois in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

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Michael Lawlor – Under-Secretary-General of Simulations
I am a senior majoring in history with a focus on the Middle East, but with plans on going to law school to study elder law. This is my eighth year of Model United Nations and forth year being involved with MUNI. For my first two MUNIs I was a crisis director leading the Irish Revolution and the Roanoke committees both of which provided great opportunities for delegates to learn about areas of history that are not usually covered in high school classes and I hope to provide these same kinds of unique experiences now that I am leading the department of simulations. During my time as the USG of Simulations last year I oversaw many unique and interesting committees and I hope to do the same this year. Outside of Model UN you can find me reading various history books, watching the Chicago Blackhawks (That is if they bother to make the playoffs), or being overly obsessed with lampshades and other forms of lighting.

Photo credit: Andrew Bonsu
Gordon Young – President of the General Assembly
Hi! My name is Gordon Young and I am very excited to serve as the President of the GA for MUNI this year. I am currently a Junior majoring in Political Science and this will be my seventh year doing Model UN. Throughout high school, I competed as a delegate at conferences around the world, and in my college years I have continued to help run conferences including MUNI and CIMUN. Outside of Model UN, I work as a camp counselor at Phantom Lake in Wisconsin and am a member of a fraternity. If you have any questions about this year’s GAs or U of I in general feel free to reach out to me!

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William Capuder – Under-Secretary-General of Rules and Procedures
Hi, I’m William Capuder and I will be serving as your USG of Rules and Procedures. This is my second year of Model UN, and second staffing MUNI. Last year, I served as the Head Chair of the US Senate Committee. I am a sophomore pursuing a dual-degree in Finance and Accounting with a minor in French. Outside of MUN, I am a member of Illini Boxing, the Financial Planning Club, and Student Soccer Foundation. I am an avid supporter of the New Jersey Devils, as well as Paris Saint Germain FC, and also enjoy cooking, working out, and reading about politics or business.

Photo credit: Andrew Bonsu
Archit Gupta – Under-Secretary-General of Technology Operations
I’m a Junior pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Astronomy. This is my second year on MUNI Secretariat and I’m serving as the Under-Secretary-General of Technology Operations, a role I served at MUNI XXIII as well. My goal is to ensure that every technology-related component of the conference — from the web site, to the registration process, to printing during the weekend of the conference — runs as smoothly as possible. I’m also an avid gamer and a Real Madrid fan.

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Andrew Maikisch – Under-Secretary-General of Logistics
Hello there! I'm Andrew Maikisch, returning as a junior for the position of Logistics and Operations. This will be my third year with MUNI, and second on Secretariat. My job for this year is to organize a locations and transportation for the conference, and clear up any issues that arise along the way. In my free time I'm usually still crying over the Washington Capitals, with tears of joy finally, playing Civ V or League of Legends, and pitching a Warhammer 40k committee to our USG of Sims.

Photo credit: Danny Dirienzo
Danny Dirienzo – Under-Secretary-General of Merchandising and Public Relations
I am a sophomore majoring in Industrial Engineering. This is my first year with Model United Nations and I am so excited to serve as the USG of Merchandising and PR for MUNI XXIV! I have a strong passion for film production and work on short films in my free time. On campus, I am also involved in Habitat for Humanity, Knights of Columbus, and intramural sports.

Photo credit: Danny Dirienzo
Rishabh Anand – Deputy Under-Secretary-General of Technology Operations
I’m Rishabh Anand, a Junior in Electrical Engineering, serving as the Deputy Under-Secretary-General of Technology Operations. This is my second year in the role and my job is to ensure the smooth operations of all things technology related at the conference. Outside of MUNI you can find me cheering on FC Barcelona and destroying Archit Gupta in FIFA.
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